Zerona Can Help with the Holiday Weight Gain

Who doesn’t gain some weight during the holidays?

Unless you want to resist all the delicious treats, home baked goodies, parties and family dinners, you may just put on a couple inches in your waist this month.

But…now there is something you can do about it and it doesn’t include passing up on all of the good food or exercising until exhaustion on a treadmill. In fact, we have a solution to holiday weight gain that is actually quite relaxing. It’s called the Zerona Laser.

You can lose a few extra inches in just a few weeks with the Zerona Laser Fat Reduction protocol.

All you need to do is relax for twenty minutes on your back and then twenty minutes on your stomach while the Zerona laser melts your fat. It’s quick, painless and relaxing while the laser helps your fat cells release some of their fat to be eliminated by your body naturally.

Nothing could be easier! Learn more about our Zerona Laser Fat Reduction protocol at the Fritz Wellness Center.


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