Video of our Zerona Laser in Denver

Can our Zerona Laser in Denver really help you lose weight?

Our Zerona laser fat reduction protocol is a great way to lose those last few inches that just  won’t budge no matter how much you diet and exercise.

The Zerona is a new use for the cold laser technology which has actually been around for many years. Many chiropractors are one of the health care specialist who specialize in cold laser technology.

At the Fritz Wellness Center we offer a variety of cold lasers that help greatly with reducing pain, allergies and now…fat loss!

Dr. Fritz, chiropractor in Longmont, Colorado has now added a new cold laser to the Center…the Zerona Lipo Laser.

Why is the zerona laser a good option for reducing fat?

This laser is completely non-invasive…meaning no cutting, pain, swelling, bruising and, best of all, no Down Time! The cold laser painlessly penetrates the skin to reach the fat layer the lies just underneath the skin. The laser causes the fat cells to temporarily release some of the liquefied fat within the fat cells to the area surrounding the fat cells. The body is then able to eliminate this fat through the normal process of detox and elimination.

Studies of the Zerona laser were done with 6 sessions spaced every other day for 2 weeks. At the Fritz Wellness Center, we offer 10 sessions for even better results! Contact us for our current special Zerona Laser Denver Coupon.

See how the Zerona Laser has helped others lose weight…


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